Audio Kharma website

Do people take this website serious. They have a thread about bacon that has over 1000 posts. One guy was complaining that audio was an expensive hobby but only had 300.00 tied up in his system. They think that audio made during the 70's blows away gear made in 2013. I can't figure out if these people took to much acid back in the day or are people really that stupid.
I would rather vist a true music lover with a humble vintage rig who had a great music selection over a guy who only plays Diana K and Chesky recordings any chance I got. I understood you Tater up till your last post, at that point you lost me.
People in this hobby can have it all, if they accept it all.

My point was I don't want to listen to music with a dumpster diver because they stink!
04-18-13: Taters

Those are actually threads that are on AK right now!

SO WHAT??????

There are plenty of websites that irritate me....I simply avoid them. You need to ask yourself why you feel the compulsion to constantly bang your head against a wall? In a sick way, are you enjoying the aggravation? Maybe you are a masochist?