Audio Kharma website

Do people take this website serious. They have a thread about bacon that has over 1000 posts. One guy was complaining that audio was an expensive hobby but only had 300.00 tied up in his system. They think that audio made during the 70's blows away gear made in 2013. I can't figure out if these people took to much acid back in the day or are people really that stupid.
To compare the 2 sites is ridiculous! Audiogon has a lot of Intelligent members with knowledge. AK has morons talking about bacon, dumpster diving, buying cable for .10 a foot, Yada, yada, yada. It's a really an Insult to Audiogon to make a comparison. I'm not saying Audiogon is perfect, but compared to AK it's like a god send.

BTW-Audio Karma is the Jerry Springer of audio websites.
BTW-Audio Karma is the Jerry Springer of audio websites.
And this thread is the Geraldo's Al Capone's vault
This is starting to remind of the preacher who screams about gays right up till one is found in his hotel room.
This thread has been extremely entertaining.Audio geek humor gives us a break from obsessing over our system's flaws.