Audio Kharma website

Do people take this website serious. They have a thread about bacon that has over 1000 posts. One guy was complaining that audio was an expensive hobby but only had 300.00 tied up in his system. They think that audio made during the 70's blows away gear made in 2013. I can't figure out if these people took to much acid back in the day or are people really that stupid.
My cardiologist won't allow me to eat bacon. He said my cholesterol is to high.
Yeah, so those ak guys seem to be a bunch of dumpster rooting, thrift fair tootin simpletons.

Now, here's the million dollar question...

Sound quality/dollars spent ratio.

Who wins?


Or AKers?
Live and let live, better than looking like a dbag.
Who is smarter the guy who is "blessed" with a taste for finer things in life but not enough cash or the guy who finds pleasure in the affordable and obtainable?
I would pick 2, its better than pipe dreams and disapointment.
The only time I read Audiokarma posts is when the results come up from a search engine query. Other than that I never go to the main site. Too much noise.
New hot topics on AK:

1.Cleaning vinyl with windex.
2.So, what did I just buy for 6.50.

It's funny, just when you think they can't go any lower they do.