Audio Kharma website

Do people take this website serious. They have a thread about bacon that has over 1000 posts. One guy was complaining that audio was an expensive hobby but only had 300.00 tied up in his system. They think that audio made during the 70's blows away gear made in 2013. I can't figure out if these people took to much acid back in the day or are people really that stupid.
so Taters this thread is simply becoming (and quickly) as pointless and petty as the site you for some reason think about way too much.
Bacon is neither pointless nor petty. And I wish I would get some feedback on my
“crisp or with a little bend to it” query.
I hang out on AK and my system is excess of $65,000 with McIntosh, Audio Research, Krell, Sony SACD, B&W Nautilus, and transparent cables.

I also am tickled to death at finding good sounding gears for a few hundred $ that comes way too close to my main system for comfort.

One of my 3rd systems I assembled for $70 and it sounds quite good! If you heard that, you would agree... It's Denon Cd-Receiver with Klipsch KG speakers. What a synergy it has - provides good music while I soak in warm water (please be very careful not to let water near electricity - as we all know, if you too have a system there)

Some people don't have the money to spend like some of us, but they deserve great music too - please don't knock it.