Audio Magazine Annual Equipment Directories

Clearing out some space and wondered if anyone is interested in a free set of Audio Magazine Annual Equipment Directories.  I have from 1983 through 1998 minus the 1886 issue. I used to read these inside and out and refer back to them when looking for used gear.  They are not mint by any stretch, but are complete.  I do not want money for these, just hope to give them to someone who might enjoy them.  Couldn't figure out how to post a "for free" ad.  Email me if you are interested, as all I would ask is actual shipping costs to you. Thanks.
I would be interested and would be happy to pay for shipping. The ones I do not need I would donate to the Audio History Library, a non-profit. I have already donated some old mags and 78s and am scheduled to see the Director soon. My zip code is 06018. You can reach me at