Audio Magic umbilical w/ Modwright CD players

Can anyone who has used Modwright's own umbilical (the light blue one) and now uses Audio Magic's, please describe the difference in sound? Was it 100% a good thing? There has been some talk about the AM being quite a bit better sounding in some ways than MW's umbilical. I have a MW 5400 with all the upgrades and my speakers are a fully upgraded VMPS RM40 w/ MLS cabinets. I have an Edge amp and Audible Illusions 3A w/ gold phono. The system is very transparent, detailed and dynamic.
Dorkwad, I purchased an Illusion for my ModWright HAPZ1 and one for my ModWright Sony 5400. The one supplying the HAPZ1 probably has a good 20 hours on it now, but the one to the 5400 has probably only 3-4 hours. Before the end of the week I will do a serious A/B on the Illusion vs the Truth Umbilical.

I'm not ready to share any thoughts prior to doing a serious A/B, which will happen first on the one supplying the HAPZ1. However, I will switch that burned in umbilical to the 5400 for confirmation in an A/B on that unit.

I think some others have also made the purchase based on Wig's endorsement, but they are all probably still in the burn in phase. I think its not really fair to either product to publish a premature assessment prior to burn in and without a serious A/B.

I have long been a fan of the Audio Magic line of products, so it wasn't a huge leap of faith for me to purchase two. As is usual, products of this type can be somewhat situational in terms of how well they may work, but I haven't personally bought anything from Jerry that I didn't like.
Thanks BF,
Looking forward to your assessment of their sound differences when they are broken in. I'm in no big hurry. Just want to make the better choice, especially if it's a big difference. Has MW endorsed the AM umbilical to anyone's knowledge?
Dorkwad, I haven't seen any such endorsement. Dan Wright is certainly aware of the Audio Magic product line. He does offer some of their products as options. Who knows if Dan has evaluated the Illusions? I will try to get a preliminary A/B going once I have another 10-20 hours on the 1st umbilical.