Audio Mirror Tubadour V

Hello Music Lovers

I have been listening to my system with the new Tubadour V Dac and can honestly say Holy Crap. Vlad has worked his magic again. I had the III and IV and they were excellent. Now V brings us to another level. Top to bottom. Width and Depth. Detail-You Bet.Fatigue-Forget about it. Just plain good to my ears. Thank you Vlad     Again!




Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, you’ve tried quite a few DACs!  I’ve also had the Yggy and briefly auditioned a Denafrips Venus II.  I prefer the Orchid to both.

I will definetly add the Tubadour to my list of DACs to consider for purchase sometime this year.

How long would you say the Tubadour takes to warm up?  On his website, Vlad states that it should only take about 15 min to be fully warmed up.  Was wondering what your experience with this was.

@nwres Definitely a case of "more can't hurt".

I tried pairing the GAIA DDC with the Okto DAC8 and that too yielded improvements.

I will just say to my ears each new version of the Tubadour brings a little more detail and soundstage. They are all wonderful sounding but each time Vlad works his magic it brings it up a notch.

Thanks for your perspectives @smallmouthrule and @dhungana. I have been in contact with Vlad who has been very responsive with questions. I am sure I will end up with a Tubadour in the future.