Audio Mirror vs Prima Luna tube DAC

Hi there,
Wondering if anyone out there has had the opportunity to A/B the Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE and the Prima Luna Evo 100 tube DACs.  I am looking to get as close to vinyl as possible while either streaming (Qobuz) or playing CD files from an Aurender N100H....nuts I know.

Currently using my Moon/SimAudio 260D CD player as DAC with Curios Evolved USB as interconnect from the Aurender.

Are there other tube DAC (or solid state) options I should consider at about the same price point?

Thanks all.
I have both the PrimaLuna EVO 100 & AudioMirro Tubadour III SE DACs in house for an actual listening test. Much research pointed me towards
R2R NOS ladder DAC and tubes. Already own PrimaLuna HP integrated and love it, so PrimaLuna was a front runner DAC. Looking for warm, full bodied sound.

I live near Vlad, AudioMirror owner. Have local dealer with PrimaLuna in stock. Both were kind enough to loan me a DAC to demo. 10 year old Rega DAC will also be compared.

Will post listening results soon. 3 people will judge.

Thanks Jerry, I ended up with an AM and am happy with it. However, it has revealed some features of the Aurender that aren’t so great. Saving for an Innuos Zenith. So it goes. Still interested in the comparison when you post. Thanks again.

I'd be interested in your listening impressions Jerry. It's true the PrimaLuna DAC doesn't have a lot of fan fare around it. I'd chalk it up to a lot of completion at that price point, and the hardwired clock tube. I almost took a chance on one since I own the PL Evo 300 Power amp which I'm very impressed with.

In the end, I felt it was too great a risk, and went with the current flavor of the month (Holo May) knowing I could easily sell it it doesn't work out.

I look forward to your review.
First testing is complete.
Rega 2010 Dac, PrimaLuna EVO 100, AudioMirror III SE into McIntosh MA6600 integrated into Magnepan 1.7 speakers.
Cables into PrimaLuna and AudioMirror were Monoprice.
Cables into Rega were Auqioquest Cinamon (supposedly an advantage, but nothing I’ve ever noticed).

Figured PrimaLuna would win since I have PrimaLuna Dialogue HP integrated and really like it. Initial impression was AudioMirror was best, other two pretty much the same. Felt AudioMirror was louder so loaded SPL meter onto iPhone.

Picked well recorded artists (Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, etc) and took song snippets via iTunes and put on repeat. Measured DB via SPL and adjusted volume level and flipped amongst the DACs (no it was not blind). The Rega & PrimaLuna were pretty much equal in DB, the AudioMirror needed to be adjusted down a bit.

The volume down on the AudioMirror pretty much evened things out.
No clear winner.

Moving gear over to PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Integrated for testing. This is the amplifier where the new DAC I purchase will actually be used. The McIntosh system is solid state, the Rega DAC will stay there.  Testing will be completed tonight and I will post results.
PrimaLuna amplifier testing complete. The same - no clear winner that I could discern when SPL meter used. Other two listeners said the same about the McIntosh test, but were NOT there for the PrimaLuna test.

We are all in mid to upper 50s, so hearing may be affecting results.
I may bring in a cheap Schiit and Schiit Gungnir to compare against my Rega DAC. That is as far as I will take this test, if I even go that far.  I may or may not post those results if and when I do such test(s).

During the tests, I listened very closely hoping to hear differences.  That is NOT how I normally listen to music.  
I just want to relax.
Sure I like details, but am more concerned about overall 'musicality' of the music.  I would prefer a non-harsh, non-fatiguing (aka: headache inducing) sound.   I could not hear any noticeable differences that made any one of the 3 DACs stand out. 

As always, YMMV...