Audio Mirror WAVE tube based line-stage is one of StereoTimes 2023 Most wanted Components

Last week my review on the Audio Mirror WAVE reference line-stage was posted on the Stereo Time website. It gives the details why I put the WAVE on the 2023 MOST WANTED COMPONENTS LIST. It's a terrific tube based preamplifier which offers great transient speed, clarity, richness of tone/color, and panoramic sound-staging. 

Hope you enjoy the review. Teajay (Terry London)


Terry, thank you for posting. I always enjoy and benefit from your reviews.

How does one hook up subwoofer(s) if there is only a pair of outputs?

For $13,000, I expect there are pre-outs or sub outs. Did I miss something?



Hey hilde45,

Thanks for the kind words regarding my reviews. You did not "miss anything", if you need a pre-out for a subwoofer I'm sure Vlad could add one.



Teajay -- thanks. Just my opinion, but I find it odd to not have one as standard for $13k.

Even simple, elegant gear that's directed toward audiophiles would assume there would be a need for a pre-out for subs. My two cents.

It would be nice to see internal components. I didn’t find under the llid pictures. Could anybody publish it please?