Audio Museum...what would you want?

As I mentioned in a post to another thread, one of my long time fantisies has been that some day I'll have the dough to buy back all the old gear I've sold over the years, and have a museum of my old equipment. I'd start with the Empire Troubador turntable I bought in high school, as well as my first Marantz amp (it had beautiful big blue meters!!) Of course, I'd also have to find an intact Infinity Black Widow tone arm on a Kenwood KD-500, a pair of Dahlquist get the idea.

The question is, what component would YOU most want to have for your personal audio museum?
B&O Beogram 2400 receiver and matching turntable. I'm assuming this is a museum for looking at the equipment and not listening. B&O equipment was always the best to look at.
as far as classic memorable gear I would choose: a Marantz receiver from like, 1972, the old phase linear quad preamp, the Ampzilla, how about the old infinity column with all those midrange and tweeter drivers and the 12" watkins woofer circa 1977?, the AR 3a, the JBL L-100 with original orange foam cover, the spica tc-50, the early Threshold amp, and what were those speakers with the plasma-tweeters?
Started collecting pieces for my museum about 7 years ago.
The pieces must have had some technological impact or caused a change in direction of audio to qualify. (this is of course opinon). So far:
A restored Edison cylinder player, A restored "flat disc" player, a Scott FM tuner, a couple early Marantz receivers (gyro-tunes!), Pioneer RT-909 reel to reel, Phase Linear 700b amp & C-4000 preamp, AR turntable, Dalquist DQ-10's,
Technics Linear tracking tableand my pride and joy, a 1957
Grundig "Majestik" console with turntable, reel to reel,
incredible tuner, a rotory knob 5 band E.Q., 3 push button E.Q. settings (the first DSP!), and electrostatic tweeter panels! Koss Pro 4AAA headphones too. In time I hope to add a pristine high end grammaphone (sp?), black widow tone arm, G.A.S. Ampzilla, AudioPulse time delay, Neumann mic,
Garrard Zero 100, Harmon Kardon 4000 casstte,and a few other pieces that will hopefully pass my way. Best of luck to you in your efforts!

I must be getting old. All these that have been mentioned are either more recent or more exotic than I think of as museum pieces. I would start with a Fisher amp or receiver. Maybe an H.H.Scott kit or DynaKit amp. A Dual or Garrard multi-play turntable or the single-play AR. A Shure V-15 cartridge. Altec Voice of the Theater speakers. Maybe an old Tandberg reel to reel.
I guess that I am older than I thought, a pair of original quad 57s, REL tunner ca1950, a Marantz model 2, and for a small system a pair of orriginal LS3/5a BBC monitors. I have a pair of Mac30s, and C-8s.
Happy listening