Audio Note, Audio Logic, Kora Hermes Dacs ?

I've decided to stay the separates route, so can anyone tell me some of the stronger/weaker points between say, the Audio Note 3.1 (sig)?, Audio Logic 2400, & Kora Hermes ? I'm looking for depth, bloom, weight, dynamics, easeful presentation. I will be considering a CEC TL-1X, or TL-2 for transport. I'm staying with a tubed dac either way, with my balanced Orchid digital cable.
I have not heard the AN or Kora unit. However, I own an AudioLogic 2400 (upgraded 34), and I totally agree with Rcprince's description of it. I think it's one of the best kept secrets in high end audio. I also agree with Rc's comments on transformers, as my Rowland Cadence phono pre, which uses a Jensen transformer for step-up, out-performs any tube phono-pre (or solid state unit) that I've ever heard.

I'm glad I noticed this thread, because I didn't know about Jerry's upgrade. I'm going to give him a call.

BTW, there's what is advertised as a relatively new 2400 for sale here. You might want to check it out. At that price (or perhaps at any price), you won't be sorry.

I'm glad to see some interested people here, we're ears of similarities, it's nice discussing these particulars and sharing thoughts on the very subject concerning this thread, this is what it's all about !! Thank You.
i just tried an-AN-S7 step up into Audionote M8 phono pre
sounds killer anyone have an opinion on combo thanks for reading ted
I currently own a Kora Hermes DAC (original model) and previously owned an Audio Note 2.1.x dac. Both were great DACs. The Kora won me over with its slightly warmer midrange tonality. Just a tad more organic to me. Both have excellent sound stage and a fluid rich tube tonal presence with an airy clear detailed yet organic natural sound.

I audioned my Audio Note 2.1.x by the way against the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2, and to me, the Audio Note brought the music to life and gave the instruments depth and richness that the Wyred4 sound DAC lacked in comparison.

A solid state balanced music loving audiophile friend preferred the Wyred though. I preferred the perceived greater life and vibrancy of the Audio Note and even more so, the Kora Hermes myself. To me the Wyred 4 sound DAC sounded a tad uninteresting and flat and digital, although nicely liquid for a solid state DAC.
My very good friend Kwame has used the Audio Logic DAC for several years but has had it upgraded by the Upgrade Co. (no affiliation) and has tried a dozen "audiophiles" DACs and none have come even close to the Audio Logic. I'll see if I can persuade Kwame to chime in for first hand thoughts.