Audio note Dacs , what is there sound signature

I ordered a 2.1x Audio Note dac a few days ago i would like some of your thoughts and impressions of the sound .
I am an An dealer,and ths DACS were the reason I became one.I have gone through DCS,Kora,Audio Aero,Wadis,Orpheus Labs,and so many others that I cannot remember them all.The AN dacs are the best I have heard period.Forget all this upsampling.Other than the Meitner,I have heard nothing that is as nondigital sounding as the AN dacs.Good choice.
I think that AN DACs symply point the heart of the music like best components do. Because of my job I have heard to DAC 3.1, DAC 4 Sig., DAC 5 and have compared to reference digital front end of the moment (Wadia 880, MarkLevinson ML37+360S and recently DCS Verdi+Elgar). Sometimes I found their digital resoution far from the top but I couldn't say the same about the sound they let you experience. I'm sure you've made a good choice. Enjoy it while SACD is growin' up.
PS I suggest you to replace the original tubes with the best European NOS you can find.