Audio Note Japan AN-S7 MKII Silvered Former

Hi Fellow Audiogoners

I have been offered an Audio Note AN-S7 MKII step-up transformer. I have it on loan and it sounds just wonderful with my UK AN Io-I. However, has anybody out there compared the AN-S7 MKII with more recent competitors like the Kondo KSL-SFz or UK Audio Note AN-S8 or AN-S9?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to do A-B comparisons with other MC transformers from Kondo or AN UK - otherwise, I would have done so. Hence my question.

Comments are much appreciated!

BTW, I expect to pay around $2,900 for the unit - perhaps a few hundred dollars less.
If it's not a AN-S7Cz then it's most likely only worth $1200-1500 at best. The AN-S7Cz was much more flexible than the newer KSL-SFz and unless you are using an AN-IOm catridge the 7 is the better step-up. BTW a new KSL-SFz only costs $2500 out of Japan!

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Thank you for response. As I wrote it's an AN-S7 MKII. I think it was made in the mid-eighties, so it's definitely not a new design. It is also far more flexible compared to Kondo's new offerings with several loading options.

I think you may confuse it with other step-ups from AN/Kondo if I understand your response right?

Anyway, still looking for answers if someone has done actual comparisons between the AN-S7 MKII and later step-ups from AN UK and Kondo.

BTW, a KSL-FSz would be at least $3700 in Denmark (where I live) if I were to import a unit myself. All imported goods from outside the European Union are being heavily taxed - but it would still be a considerable saving compared to the retail price.

So, if you could direct me to any points of sale in Japan I will perhaps go that route.

Thank you!
Where can I buy a ksl-sfz for $2500?
Quite a few others would also like to know the answer to this question....?
Even 'used' ex Japan, this price appears mythical...?