Audio Note Japan vs Audio Note UK--Comments?

Would very much appreciate hearing from anyone in the know.
Vinylphile's response is ill informed and is referring to a situation that is at least 7 years old, today there is little difference in quality between the parts used by us and Mr. Kondo.

The main designer here is Andy Grove and has been since 1994, his competence speaks for itself.

We do not need to "clone" any of Mr. Kondo's designs everything we do is completely original from the ground up, as evidenced by our DACs, pre-amplifiers and turntables amongst others.
Peter Qvortrup
I would add that while a used Shinri (Audio Note Japan/Kondo SET stereo 300b amplifier) is on the top of my list if one can be found at a realistic price the UK stuff is simply great for the price points especially at the lower levels (0, 1, 2, and 3).

The SORO integrated amplifier has to be one of the better values on the market. It has the necessary power to drive most speakers, uses tubes that do not cost a small fortune and can be found easily, and is very reliable. Oh, it sounds damned good, too. Audio Note UK products from the 90s used are great valued; ie, like the DAC 1 (standard and Signature), Conqueror amps, and M1/M2 preamps.

I recently bought a new M1 Phono preamp from Nick Gown at Truesound ( It was put together on special order right before last year's CES and is great when combined with the Audio Note Conqueror, DAC 1 Sig, and Audio Note Turntable 1/ARM2/Dynavector DV20x.

Kondo stuff is incredible. If you can find, and afford, a used original Ongaku you will be quite surprised at how powerful and great this thing sounds.

Do a search on AA for 'Dear friends of Audio Note Japan' to get the other side's version of the matter. Having worked in the U.K. for a Japanese audio company in the late '70s and being aware of the shenanigans that went on in the relatively small British audio industry, my money is on H. Kondo's version of events as being more representative of the truth that P. Qvortrup's.
to complete an opinion about audio note uk , since I talk with audio note since 1992 they always respond to my questions and last years Peter qvortrup do the same , but jadis also respond , that is the difference beetween by to them or to EAR  where Tim de paravicini never answer any question at all , if I need to buy some hiend it don't be suddenly to EAR a really bad company
Now about audio note uk vs Kondo I really don’t want to now what happen between them , but audio note uk in my opinion build good hiend audio equipments , kondo are better more like art like fp journe watches , if I don’t build my own 211 amplifiers I prefer jadis who want to buy some hifi when 90% of the cd are crap  when listening and jadis add some distortion and manipulation of the audio track but in the end is better, is an non sense buy a tube amplifier the better system is a good tube preamplifier and a very musical mosfet amplifier .
for me the cd is like the parts in a food plate , the preamplifier all the condiments and the amplifier the way we transform all to food , if we make mystaques with the condiments the final result will be very bad.