Audio Note, Vecteur, Audiomeca transports..HELP

I'm looking to by a used transport, (or in the case of Vecteur, new because of their ridiculously low prices). I've been researching for a couple weeks now and have my shortlist narrowed to:
Audiomeca Mephisto II
Audio Note CDT2
Vecteur L4
I was also considering CEC TL1 or TL2, but my research has shown that CEC transports sound a little slow, and perhaps thick. (I also have read that CEC transport mechanisms are well built, but the lasers and other internal parts arent the greatest quality......any comments?)
The Vecteur L4 is actually a CD player, but I've heard that as a transport it beats Vecteurs own dedicated transport, the D2 transport. Any thoughts? My dac is the Kora Hermes, latest edition before the new HermesII. I'm big on soundstaging, and fast reason why I took the CEC off my shortlist....speed.
Being a dealer for both the Audiomeca and Audio Note,the Audio Note CDT2 wins hands down simply because of the best parts used,Philips pro laser mechanism and Black Gate caps throuhgout.I have haerd the Vecteur and for money ,is not a bad piece.
disagree with above post. I owned the AN CDT2, and found it to be quite underwhelming in my system- the Spectral SDR 3000SL I replaced it with ate the CDT2 for lunch. I use an Audio Note Dac (newer 3.1 Balanced model), and it is fantastic, but the transports are over-rated IMO. I was taken to task on this opinion in a previous thread sometime ago, but I don't care, I just know what I (don't) hear.

Anyways, a local dealer has the Vecteur L-4, and I found it to be VERY good, especially for the price, preferable to the CDT2. and yes, you are correct- the Vecteur L-4 IS superior to their D-2. In fact, if you order now, their is a new version of the L-4 out- L-4.2?? anyways, this same dealer has it and has been burning it in for a few months now- even better than the MK I model. Lastly, the Vecteur sounded extremely good with the Audiomat Tempo?? dac- good synergy, although I suspect the Vecteur will perform equally well with the Kora...
I wouldnt call the CEC slow or thick. It is extremely musical and resembles a fine turntable. Maybe those used to digititis think it sounds thick and slow, but after listening to the CEC for a while, then going to a regular CD player, the differences are dramatic.

If you dont want a CEC, then go Vecteur D2.2, or if needed the 4.2. Alledgedly the 4.2 is a better, but if you are using a dedicated DAC, why not the 2.2 at $600 cheaper.

For what its worth, I spoke to the importer of Vecteur and he said the goal of the vecteur players was to try and mimick the CECs liquidity and smoothness.