Audio Physic Scorpio II room problems


I'm considering purchasing "Audio Physic Scorpio II."
They will be driven by a Krell KAV-400xi. The room is about 25 sqm, and the speakers will be placed near the short wall, which is about 4 meters long.

Will the side-firing woofers cause problems in this room? I have listened to Virgo II in the past, and I loved the sound. I am in Japan, and unfortunately Audio Physic does not have an importer here, so I will not be able to audition.

Other speakers I am considering:
B&W 803S, B&W 803D, Focal Electra 1027s, Sonics Allegra
If I understand correctly, your are placing the spkrs across the 6m wall, firing down the 4m wall (the other way round would've been better).
Just position the spkrs ¬1,7- 2,0m apart (centre-to-centre) with a toe-in according to taste & you're done. The distance fm the side wall should be fine at 1,2m or less. Regards
I had the Scorpio I's and a simular room as yours. I only kept them three weeks! You might want to consider something else ........IMHO
I have VIRGO 111s in a room smaller than yours.
Mines are placed well out from the long wall, about a meter from the short side walls, toed in to the listening position.No other speaker I've tried works so well in my room.
They also sound far better now than when I had them firing down the length of an 8 mtr lounge.
They are wasted unless set up for nearfield listening as AP recommends in great detail :-)
I agree with Simon74 - my Virgos are also in a smallish room, and set up nearfield, toed in, there are no problems at all with the woofs, or anything else for that matter - they simply sound spectacular. Highly recommended.
One tip I'll mention to get the best from these speakers (I used to own Virgo II) is to place them on sistrum stands. I used the 004 type. The difference was profound. The stands helped drain away excess energy from the speaker, and what was already great imaging becaame even better, and bass became better integrated - the stnds should help with bass-nodes/room-issues. I now use sistrums on all my equipment, but the impact on speakers is the moust striking.