audio physic sparks vs. monitors

Just doing a little searching. I currently have Audio Physic Spark IIIs. I'm not unhappy with them, but for some reason, I've always had an eye for monitors from Totem (tabu, model 1, etc), Revel (M 20), Dynaudio, Reference 3A, etc. I have recently gotten some VTL MB-125s and am wondering if any of the reasonable priced monitors (around $1500 or so used) would be recommended compared with the Sparks. Preamp is an Audio Note M1, with an Audio Note CD2.1x as the main source.

I "listen" mostly to jazz and acoustic/vocals, though I do put on some alternative, classical, hip hop and even the occasional movie. I like a slightly warm sound, though not too, and detailed, but not overly etched. I guess pretty balanced to the warm side of neutral. I'm hoping not to loose too much of the low end if possible.

Thoughts much appreciated!!
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I have had the sparks and wouldn't recommend them. The steps are nicer for sure. My recommendation would be to look at the transmission line monitors from .. they use the Jordan JX92s full range driver. I have been so impressed with them. They have by far the best bass response that I have heard from a monitor speaker and better bass than the Meadowlark Kestrel and the Sparks which I have had in the past. They do the whole imaging thing better than the Virgo II's and III's that I have had in house as well.
I also liten to primarily acoustic jazz and vocals. This is the first speaker that I have heard that really does drums right.. It is really something to be able to hear all the colors etc...
Needless to say without getting to longwinded and over the top that these have really blown me away. At $1500 they are much cheaper than the Sparks etc...