Audio Physic Virgo II vs Tempo III

I am looking at getting a pair of Audio Physic speakers and was wondering if anyone has experience comparing the Virgo II and the Tempo III. They seem to be about the same price on the used market. I will be using it with a 15 watt tube amp.

I own a pair of Audio Physic Tempo III and I am extremely pleased with them. At the time I purchased them I listened to the Virgo IIs in another listening room. Although perhaps better in some respects, the sound did not seem as integrated. The APs that were a definite step up from the Tempo IIIs were the Libras, which have been discontinued. If you decide on Tempo IIIs, I would recommend adding some Tekna Sonic Vibration Absorbers on the back of the cabinet. I did so to mine and they definitely improved the sound.
I think the Virgo II's are AP's standout speakers...still. With the AP's I find them very sensitive to placement and electronics. If you are going to set them up right; way out in the room- they do some spectacular things. Not sure if 15 watts is enough though.
I also think that AP "nailed it" with the Virgo II, but I haven't heard the Tempo III, although some of the series III AP speakers tend to have a brighter, thinner sound than the earlier Virgos (including the Virgo III). I'm using the Virgo II after using the InnerSound Eros II and though somewhat different in its presentation the Virgo II is a very adept and satisfying performer. At the current prices on the used market, they are a steal.