Audio quest Rocket 88 how good are they?

Recently I needed to use a store credit. Considering that my speaker cables kimber 12 T are my oldest link in my system, I went for an upgrade. Soon I will be receiving a pair of biwired Rocket 88 72 DBS. I have Belles elctronics and Vandersteen 2CE sig. How much of improvement should I expect? Vandersteen owners, lets hear your experience.


Better? Maybe. Different? Sure. Those old amps still have a loyal following.

I used a pair of Rocket 88 cables with Vandy 2CEs (not signature) in my main system for about 5 years, I thought they sounded great, no complaints whatsoever.  They are also decently flexible, which was nice as the Vandersteen's binding posts aren't near the bottom of the speaker.

I preferred Rocket 33s to Kimber 12 TC when I was auditioning in my system. I think you will hear a difference and preference will be based on your tastes including your musical selection.

hifiguy42 it’s funny you mentioned that because I also used to use Rocket 88 on my Vandersteen 2CE Sig II for a few years and love it driven by my Macintosh MC 601 model block and really no regrets but I now moved up to the Crystal Clear Cable the Magnum Opus (Silver) and made a huge difference. You can’t go wrong with the Rocket 88