Audio Rack Opinions

After a fair amount of research, I have landed on 3 candidates for upgrading my audio rack:

  1. Symposium Acoustics Foundation Ultra 
  2. Core Audio Plykraft 4L
  3. Butcher Block Audio Rigid Rack with 4 shelves 

This will be used with the following system:

Palmer 2.5i Turntable

  • LFD NCSE Mk3 amplifier
  • Sutherland Little Loco phono stage
  • Oppo UDP 203 CD player
  • Palmer turntable power supply
  • This sits on hardwood floors to the left of my Harbeth speakers which are Tontrager stands

I am not in the market for a $10k plus rack, but would love to hear opinions on the above racks or any other suggestions  


Thanks in advance  



The following was written by Paul McGowan of PS Audio:

A few years ago when we were researching the PS Audio PowerBase product I spent a few weeks digging into the sonic impacts of vibration control.

What I discovered is how much of a difference a solid rack or other means of damping and controlling vibrations in our electronics makes. It’s a big deal.

It’s also a potential rabbit hole.

The more I listened and experimented the more important it seemed to me to place footers and Sorbothane dampers under each and every piece of equipment until it looked like some sort of nightmare.

Why stop there?

How do you decide to stop if everything you do matters?

Where I wound up was a compromise. I bought an excellent and sturdy shelf for the equipment, closed my eyes, turned off the OCD voices, and called it good.

Good enough.

There’s a point in every system and in everyone’s lives where practical matters supersede the temptation to go further and further.

I don’t compromise on equipment and cable upgrades but I do draw the line on just about everything else from room treatments, seating, vibration control, and even lighting enhancements.

Yes, it all matters.

But then the practical side of life gets in the way.


I purchased a rack from Timbernation. Although I had some issues with the finish being different than expected, I do love this rack! Just be explicit with what you want. The quality was very nice, but not perfect. I paid $3600 for my rack due to the size and the curly maple wood. He has many options that are more affordable.

+2 @lak !

I really enjoy having a rigid, gorgeously engineered & built rack, even if it's over the top. I also have nice platforms for my amps. 3rd party footers was a rabbit hole I quickly punched out of. Like you say, too stressful. What I have now is enough.

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