Audio Rack Opinions

Hi there

Moving and leaving behind a 'very' sturdy shelf built right into a load bearing wall of my house.

So now having to consider an audio rack for the first time in my life . . .

Have a fair bit of electronics to support . . . I'd imagine 6 shelves worth including a VPI Scoutmaster w/ SDS, couple disc players, Plinius integrated . . . the VPI and Plinius the two heftier pieces in this.

I like having the TT up higher for both convenience and keep away from 'critters' that might find it a bit more appealing closer to the ground. Beyond that my main consideration is this: is there a particular structure and height consideration for a TT as heavy as the VPI?

Open to any/all suggestions on this as again, I've never had to consider an audio rack ever and the brief time I've checked out online I'm bewildered to date in what I've been reading. My thoughts are that massive, sturdy rack is in order (as opposed to say the more skeletal models such as the Quadraspire Evo and such . . . But I honestly don't even know at this point because I've never used them.

thanks in advance
DIY with maple shelves and brass rods. Search for examples, most are like Mapleshade Audios Racks Stands etc.
Quadraspire Sunoko Vent. Spent years with Target convinced they were very good........... for their time they were, but the Quadraspire is so superior controlling the bass, so much better at opening up the midrange and highs. These racks are also very fast affecting the attack of the music. It was a revelation and a bit shocking. I hate being wrong.

Vibration control is a dark art. Good luck.
I've used Salamander Archetypes for many years because they are black, not bulky and cheap .
Tried some isolation devices , notably Mapleshade cones and Nordost Kones, didn't do much. In fact the Kones made everything worse.
Brain kicked in a few weeks ago and I remembered I had four 4" finished solid maple slabs in storage that I forgot about.
Put same on the Salmander MDF shelves and the sun came out,
Mapleshades helped and the Nordost Kones helped a lot on both pre and amp.No difference with casters on or off to my old ears anyway.