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Howdy fellow Agoners.I've got a half way decent rig put together(Sim Audio I-5,Monitor Audio Silver RS6's,Raysonic CD-128,cabled with MAC cables & power cords)& need a rack to put everyting on.Since I just bought my first home money is a little tight right now & the budget is about $750.00.What I'm not sure of is should I shoot the whole wad on a rack like one of Adona's base models with maple shelving or get a less expensive rack & really good vibraton control devices like BDR cones,etc..for all the gear.Thanks in advance for your help.
Freediver: It would be impossible to advice and steer you towards the perfect rack,and have it extract all you want from it. We all on Audiogon can only advice you to purchase the most sturdy and to your eyes the most attractive looking rack. It could be built of maple or other hard woods of your choice. Many racks are built using steel with solid materials such marble,granite,Corrine and such. But in the end its not only the materials but how well it's built and the ease of placement of gear with accessibility with your use of interconnects. Their are also some camp's that believe light and ridged structures work better. So at this time with your new home I would say to use common sense and no pun intended but don't "rack your brain" over this and just buy or build something of good sturdy quality.
I would highly recommend the Sanus Natural Foundations stuff. Looks good, easy to put together, open shelving, easy access to cables, etc., and definitely within your budget.

Where are you located? I have a 3 shelf TAOC AS-1 rack that I might let go in the near future when my new table is finished.
There is a good write up in PFO from a little over a year ago.
It is "as new" and I just don't want to ship it even though I have all the packing.
I have multiple Adona racks with very good baseline results and have also augmented/tested with Stillpoints, BDR pucks, cones, and other tweaks. The best I've found without spending thousands on things like Critical Mass platforms are from Composite Audio (CF-2010 model). The combination of the Composite platforms and my Adona racks works exceptionally well, is extremely solid and sounds great. Composite also now makes and entire line of stands that you can assemble to fit your needs that are based upon subsequent refinements to their platform design...All this stated, there are many different options that I've seen used by members here with great systems. Take your time, shop around and pick what works best for you aesthetically, sonically and within your budget.
I've used an Audiav Crystal rack to good effect for around a year. Not cheap, but great nonetheless.