Audio Racks, Just How beneficial? looking for guidance in upgrading

Greetings all. Looking for guidance and your experience in racks & shelves for the ’sweet spot’ and upgrading. Do you find that applying a percentage of your total system’s value of perhaps 5% or even 10% is a good metric? Do you folks find that some of the leading Audio Rack companies, like HRS, CMS for ex., which seem great but is it beneficial to warrant spending well over $15k , $10k + or $5K on vibration isolation for a mid level system. Racks are really hard to demo; I’m reaching out to Audiogon community.

I’m trying to get my arms around some of the price points and the cost/benefits.
Anyone find wood is sonically better?
Doesn’t seem to be that much between A/V furniture manufactures and the better companies. Prefer a Modular approach like Bassoconuinuo- (anyone have it? I haven’t priced it yet.) or adjustable shelves. (not that keen on Solid Steel).
I need 6 shelves including top for turntable.
Currently have a BDI with glass shelves; using still points, or BDR cones, maple butcher blocks. Yes, I know the glass shelves...have to go.


Tell that to my tube amps.

Electronics could [not] care less about vibration isolation. That is seriously wayward lay intuition and expectation bias.

If you have a modest budget, Adona racks are great for looks and sound. If you have deeper pockets, Live Vibe are the best sounding and look good too.

Arnold at Core Audio Designs in Novato is a true artisan and his racks include innovative isolation and custom woods at IMO very reasonable $.

HRS for all out assault w metal finishes and more $$$$

I am a very happy customer of both.

It’s true that I am a big proponent, but that’s because at least at first glance, audiophiles often don’t consider the room, which has the biggest impact on sound quality after the speakers, but start getting esoteric fast.

Your point that I'm off topic is however not wrong.  I really like Butcher Block acoustics for their product quality, cost and aesthetics.  I have no idea how it "sounds" 


There are a couple approaches. Full blown high end audio racks with built in vibration control ($$$$$) and high quality sturdy racks to which you can add vibration control. When I have researched the topic before I always have come to the conclusion that the most cost effective route is great sturdy racks with enough space to add various vibration control devices under each component.

This allows approaching each component separately and spreads outlays over time. So, in my case I have an excellent Silent Running Audio custom Ohio Class vibration platform specifically designed for my turntable. While under the rest of my components I have combinations of Black Diamond Racing platforms, pucks, and springs. So, this approach really allows a lot of flexibility.

Top notch audio racks with sophisticated vibration control cost a lot.