Audio Research and Aragon

Does anyone have any experience matching an aragon 4004 mk II with an audio research preamp. Would an LS3 be a good match? Would the LS3 have enough gain? I have been told that the LS3 is a fairly warm preamp for solid state. Also that it is quite dynamic and images well with no loss of the low end. Looking for thoughts and advice.
Thanks all.
FWIW, I use an ARC SP 9 mkII pre with my Aragon Palladium 1K monos. the 9 is a tube/hybrid pre, and I have never had any difficulties at any volume level. The Aragon monos are 125 wpc Class A, switching to AB above that and going 400 wpc into 8 ohms, 600 into 4 ohms.
I had run ARC tube preamps, SP-10 & LS5 for 10+ years through a number of solid state amps, and never had a problem with shutting the amps down. A tube preamp can bring on warmth and 3 dimensionality to a system that can often be a great match with solid state amps.
4004II+ls-3 was my setup once.
First, IMO, ls-3 is not warm but very analytical, maybe a little bit cold pairing with 4004.
Second, changing from L-1 to LS-3 will not change the sound evidently.
Third, if you own either L-1 or LS-3 or smae level pre, upgrading 4004 or perhaps the speakers (?) might be the better move in terms of quality or flavor.
I have had a 4004 mk II for several years. A few years ago a friend lent me an ARC SP8 to try with it. Those who criticize audiophiles often assert that the differences in sound that we percieve among things like electronics, interconnects, etc. are due to expectancy effects. The theory is that we hear the things we expect to hear.
I inserted that little digression, because it was germane to my experience with this combination. I expected the touted sweetness, lushness, liquidity, etc. that tubes were supposed to bring to the system. In my system (MG-III's, Theta DAC, SOTA/SME V/Monster Sigma Genesis, Audioquest cabling throughout) nothing could be further from the truth. It was, in a word, harsh. It was thin and brittle, with alot of midrange glare. I quickly reinserted my Meitner PA-6i and it sounded great again.
Meanwhile, the SP8, returned to my buddy's system, sounded fine.
This has led me to two conclusions.
The first is that, based on this singular experience with an admittedly 20+ year old design, I wouldn't recommend it. However, YMMMV.
The second is that there are many things about listening to reproduced music that can't be explained.
i just sold a arc ls-12 here on audiogon. it was the last of their solid state preamps.

if i was to describe the sound, i would say extremly neutral and fact it is most uncolored pre i have heard to date.

the only interconnect that i liked in my system with it was the xlo signature II and the coincident and wireworld eclipse. all others were too colored too enjoy.

other reviewers said it didnt have enough "air" on top. i found that to be true for the first 2-3 months. once the unit broke in, it was a completely different animal.

hope that helps !!!