Audio Research Dac 2 Vs the Audio Research Dac 7


Thinking about Upgrading to either the AR Dac 2 or the Dac 7.

I live in the sticks and don't have the chance to listen to either so I go by reviews and Input from you good folks .

Please give me your thoughts on either piece and Thanks!

I will never understand people who want to buy components for a Music Reproduction System that they have not personally examined, heard, and evaluated for themselves take a road trip if you have to!
I have gotten most of my equipment that way and its worked out great ! Most folks are honest. If I didnt like it I would just resale it!
If you try to buy anything without audition, then you had better buy used one.

Even if you resell it, it will cost less.

Owned a CD2 player years ago so I’m guessing the DAC 2 is similar. I imagine between the DAC 2 and 7 there’s a substantial price difference. Curious why these are your only two options?  Be good to share your budget as there’s probably a lot of units that are a better buy than ARC. What are you using for a transport or streamer?