Audio Research DAC7


Anybody that has hear the new Audio Research DAC7?

I was thinking about replace my Musical Fidelity KW DAC.

I want the USB option, and use an ARC CD3MKII as transport.
I wonder if the performance is equal to ARC CD7.


Hello Dbarger,

You say you replaced the 11s1 with Cambridge 840C? Is the 840C more musical than 11s1, which was a darling of Audio Asylum? I heard 11s1 too, excellent, only $3500 at the time (2005). The 11s1 had a fullness that was grounbreaking in my opinion. The 840C must be something special. Thanks for the info!

How do you connect the DAC 7 to you computer or IPOD (do you need the Wadia adapter for that?)

January 2009 Hi-Fi News (British mag) has a very positive review of the DAC 7.