Audio Research Dim Read-out on the CD-3 display............

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge on the dim readout on the function screen of the Audio Research CD-3 ..........You can hardly read it ???    The cost to repair ???  Any easy fix  ???          THANKS
An obvious question, but can you ask a AR dealer to order it for you? Or is the dealer also going to ask for another $100 to do so?
autospec OP

If your just a little mechanical (ie can you change a tap washer) you can replace this yourself for $70. Just 4 screws and 3 push-on connectors.
I would say to the seller, if it works fine, if not a refund has to be done. 

Cheers George
Funny this...

ARC wants 50 bucks for a new display. The guy on EBAY wants 70 for a used display that is sold as is for repair. And some VFDs just go dim on all kinds of equipment. So if its as old as the one you have now...

ARC repairs are expensive, always were, but they do a pretty good job. Still, I totally hated forking over the money so I get it. $300 seems kind of steep but $50 for the part seems pretty reasonable. You should see their tube prices. If you can find an authorized shop that would swap it for a reasonable labor cost I'd go for it.

If there's no guaranty on the display I think I'd pass. 70 bucks and it doesn't work you're still in the same boat and 70 bucks poorer. Might be a false economy there. 
Its funny , but the 70.00 guy doesn't even say the thing will fit the CD-3.....Its really a shame that Audio Research has to even go this way....Whats a wrong with selling parts to a Audio Research person.....If I need a 3.00 part, how would I ever get one from a dealer....There's no profit, so the dealer isn't going to get it, or it will take forever....It has been taking two weeks to get something from Audio Research....I have over 50 pieces of Audio Research stuff that I can't buy parts direct for anymore.....I probably need to get rid of most of it and call it good....Most of that other Audio Research stuff on ebay is either junk or dug out of the trash at Audio Research....Another great American company heading south ???    Autospec
You ignored my prior question, so here it is again stated differently.  Are you saying that you cannot get a salesman in a shop selling ARC gear to order the part for you if you ask nice and offer him/her $20 or $30 for their trouble?