Audio Research Dim Read-out on the CD-3 display............

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge on the dim readout on the function screen of the Audio Research CD-3 ..........You can hardly read it ???    The cost to repair ???  Any easy fix  ???          THANKS
You ignored my prior question, so here it is again stated differently.  Are you saying that you cannot get a salesman in a shop selling ARC gear to order the part for you if you ask nice and offer him/her $20 or $30 for their trouble?

I would guess that would work, but first I would have to find a dealer.....There's probably none in Idaho. The last time I tried that I ordered the part through a dealer in Seattle and paid for it, I got the wrong part, sent it back and ended up with no part, out the money and in a bad mood about the whole thing......I have worked on electronics my whole life and would be very happy to repair this thing, but the would is changing to a through away economy and if I had any since I would sell all this Audio Research equipment and forget the problems that go with it.....(I have over 50 pieces).....
Some of the part limitations might have something to do with the sale of the company but it may also have something to do with their long term support of the product. The CD-3 has been out of production for a decade. Unless those displays fit something newer its kind of fortunate that you can get one new period. Not all companies could do that. I think usually after a few years they trash can or sell off the spares.
If u really do like the cd3 player just fork over the money and send it to ARC if not forget it and live with it as is.