Audio Research discontinuing lower lines components?

I have looked at several components in Audio Research's line and they are discontinuing the LS17-se, PH8, and PH6.  They discontinued the DAC 8.  I know there is a new Ref 6 to replace the Ref 5se and their is a new Ref Phono 3 to replace the Ref Phone 2se coming out.  I talked to my dealer and he stated that Audio Research seems to be making their components look more McIntosh like in the Galeo series. 

The dealer stated their isn't going to be anything that he has heard that will replace the other lines at this point and that AR will be starting at the LS-27, which is $7500 for preamps.  The Ref 75se is the beginning of the line for Amps, which I know, but man are they going the Mac route with prices, nothing to replace the DAC 8 and the other DAC in the line is $11,000, what's up with this, have you guys heard anything more. 

The starting point for AR equipment is getting pretty high and the only way a newer person without means will be able to afford it will be to buy use, which could send the used prices up if there isn't anything else in the line.  What do you guys think and what have you heard?
I think it's sad that they couldn't find a buyer in the United States to take over the company. Sometimes when the owner of a company dies his family or people that work for the company take it over. Unfortunately that wasn't the case with ARC.

stickman451466 posts02-01-2016 9:16pmInteresting points and views. All that I can say is that I liked ARC MUCH more when it was a stand alone company, designing and selling great audio electronics for music lovers.

Why? To my ear, latest amp and pre are their BEST by a wide margin and I’m a music lover.

Why is it a good idea to have an Italian based corporation owning lots of American audio companies? Answer is, It’s NOT a good idea and all the audiophiles will suffer for it. Too bad and too sad.

Why is it a bad idea? ARC sound quality, customer service and build quality are 2nd to none. Doesn’t matter to me. This is a global economy.

My only wish is clarify Galileo position vs Reference. Now Ref 6 has Galileo design is very confusing.

Same here. These are first class products, with first class support and service.
I have an LS 17SE which when I bought it here I was paying to much for it, but I love it and did look at the LS27 here thinking about upgrading because mine is loosing value (there is one for sale for 1K less then what I paid - ouch). If you look at interior photos of all the LS models they all look similar except for maybe better output cap's so I wonder how much better the more expensive LS27 would be