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take a look at my post under the receivership thread under the Amp forum. I posted a message from someone associated with the company that was posted on WhatsBestForum within the hour


Thank you, I saw it. 

I am optimistic that they will pull through. A couple years ago the company was purchased by an audio Sales VP, Trevor I believe… he was actively strengthening the business and reputation. I suspect he did not have the financial / operational expertise and slipped up on how to manage cash / debt. If he had variable debt… it would be easy to get into a cash crunch. 

Worst case scenario I think it will get sold. 

In any case I am really thankful of the equipment I own. I definitely was waiting for the upgrade cost to increase. It was obviously coming. 

Regarding receivership. High end audio is a tough business serving a niche market. I hope they will be bought out by someone who will appreciate the brand and will invest in it. Like the old saw goes, "The best way to make thousands of dollars in audio is to start out with millions."