I'm not so concerned about the dog, but I am concerned about the number of pillows and extra carpets are in the background.

( "You were a Good Dog, Nipper.  You Did hear your masters' voice...

..but Now....everything But.... 🤷‍♂️ 😏 *scratches Sunny's' ears*  Good Lucky dog...

RIP over that rainbow...."  ✨ )

@mahler123   *L*  Around here, both catz and Sunny D. Dog could and can give a stink bug stuck flipped on its' back definitely more attention than they ever give whatever I chose to listen or 'background' my hours.

The only real reaction is when I choose Louder....then they retreat and go to sleep.

'Music' is just another noise in their world....*L*  Weird thunder... ;)

@ghdprentice, that set of photos that follow after the dog photo are pretty damn impressive. Solid photography! 

The first photo captured perfectly the eyes/look on my wife’s face when Fedex/UPS rings our doorbell. LOL.


Audio Research will survive and thrive. No offense intended to Trent Suggs but he is a sales guy. Sales guys are rarely finance guys. Unfortunate because he probably bet the farm and leveraged himself into a financial tight spot. Nobody can plan for Covid or supply chain woes but you can plan financially for the future so that your business can handle a stress test/calamity test. I get accused all the time of being too conservative but in my 40 year professional career I’ve only had to lay off people during the first five years of my career. You have to hate the idea of being on the wrong side of a financial crisis….and I’ll admit that Covid and 2008-2010 were opportunities because we were prepared.


Someone, maybe even Paragon, will buy an exceptional halo company with exceptional products for pennies on the dollar and ARC will thrive. I’ve owned a fair bit of ARC gear through the years and its exceptional. I do not currently. For all of those who seemingly find joy in reading about ARC’s current situation who are drawing correlations to the economy or as some other canary in a coalmine metaphor, you werent ARC’s target market anyway.