Audio Research equipment for sale.

A few days ago they had about 15 listing for sale from Audio Research. Then I just checked a few days ago until now and there is not one listed. Does anyone know why ? 

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Maybe people are worried about ARC going out of business and their equipment losing value.

A fellow I know had ARC gear for 30 years and he had the 750 amps, twice he sent them in to arc for repairs, said they were thousands to repair. The second time he got them back he traded and/or sold all the arc gear he had. He looked me in the eye and said  'arc is supposed to be the best gear in the world, right' He got 35,000 for the amps trade in from a dealer in Fla he told me.  He went all ss using German gear. Burmester gear maybe! 

I had a full complement of Audio Research gear a few years ago. Sounded great but felt that there were other options which were their performance equals at much better price points. Also, just the size of the Audio Research gear was challenging to the space I had for them. I have always viewed Audio Research as something of the 'gold standard' but I think they are going to have to rethink their product line to stay in the hunt.

ARC makes very nice equipment.  If needed there are people who know their products and can repair them. So don't rush to sell your ARC gear.  Happy Listening 

Yes, It really make no sense to sell your Audio Research gear.  If it works, great.

There are many authorized Audio Research repair centers around and they have spare parts or can obtain them easily.  

Also, I don't believe that Audio Research company is going out of business.  They may change owners as they have done in the past.