Audio Research Financial Troubles

Was wondering if anyone had noticed that there seems to be a lot of ARC for sale on this site (62 right now) and on eBay there is 268 listings for ARC. Is this in response to the rumor of ARC having financial troubles and people are worried they may go under. Does anyone have an update on this or other info or am I being paranoid? And has the demand for ARC equipment gone down due to this? It appears that the ARC stuff is not selling. Your thoughts.Thanks.


There has been no actually new product from ARC since Ward Fiebiger passed away in 2017. He, essentially alone, designed all the ARC audio  circuits since 2005. Trent Suggs purchased a company that was already compromised from a design talent standpoint. How difficult would it be to use the Reff 6SE as the basis for a Ref 10 (based on Ref 5SE) replacement?  Why has the 320M gestation been so difficult? Financial capital is essential to business, but it is meaningless without human capital to put it to use. ARC has another 6-8 months to develop momentum on all relevant fronts before the new owners come to an unpleasant crossroads, 



 It’s all about cash flow. Ongoing operations have mismatches between purchases and the delay of revenue from sales as well as ongoing cash obligations to pay staff. It is a multi national company so it also has fluctuations in currencies… etc. etc. etc.  This is not in any way intended to be an exhaustive list. I have communicated with Trent (the former owner), and learned much more through my friend dealer who spoke to him often.  In addition there were tube cost increases. Anyway, it is a shame what happened, because he was doing great things for the company. The new owner is very committed and has deep pockets.

Nobody really knows what will happen with them or any business. It depends on the decisions leadership makes, how well the company is positioned, and how well it delivers a compelling promise to the market in a way to support continued profitability. 

People much smarter than me have ruined businesses. I hope they continue to do well, but in the end they are subject to the laws of the free market.  

They went Waay down hill in quality over the past15 years,

CJ same thing ,,McIntosh too has slipped ,nice outside inside quality average at best . Living off their old reputation. I sold Audio for years  and even my technicians said many companies skimp on the internal parts quality.

which sadly is true .

These threads are really just lightning rods to bring out the "I don't like Audio Research" guys 😅

We'll see another one, same purported topic, in a few months at most.