Audio Research Financial Troubles

Was wondering if anyone had noticed that there seems to be a lot of ARC for sale on this site (62 right now) and on eBay there is 268 listings for ARC. Is this in response to the rumor of ARC having financial troubles and people are worried they may go under. Does anyone have an update on this or other info or am I being paranoid? And has the demand for ARC equipment gone down due to this? It appears that the ARC stuff is not selling. Your thoughts.Thanks.


These threads are really just lightning rods to bring out the "I don't like Audio Research" guys 😅

We'll see another one, same purported topic, in a few months at most. 

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If CJ quality has declined, should anyone consider having CJ update older equipment? I own a MV60se and have considered CJ giving it the once over. They will replace and upgrade caps etc. It works flawlessly right now but a complete cleaning and update may last another 10-15+ years. 

There is a Glut of "audiophile" equipment (New and used ) on the market today...sales everywhere....Bargain with the seller because you can.


These threads are really just lightning rods to bring out the "I don’t like Audio Research" guys 😅

Possibly, but at least some of us are business people with a lifetime of experience analyzing business financial situations including receiverships, so it's second nature.  No trust fund babies here.