Audio Research Financial Troubles

Was wondering if anyone had noticed that there seems to be a lot of ARC for sale on this site (62 right now) and on eBay there is 268 listings for ARC. Is this in response to the rumor of ARC having financial troubles and people are worried they may go under. Does anyone have an update on this or other info or am I being paranoid? And has the demand for ARC equipment gone down due to this? It appears that the ARC stuff is not selling. Your thoughts.Thanks.



These threads are really just lightning rods to bring out the "I don’t like Audio Research" guys 😅

Possibly, but at least some of us are business people with a lifetime of experience analyzing business financial situations including receiverships, so it's second nature.  No trust fund babies here.



Nothing unusual appears to be going on at ARC from what I/we can tell looking at things from the outside. There are always ARC products being listed, sold, unsold on Agon and USAudiomart. The good news is that they were acquired by an experienced and successful audio equipment manufacturer, presumably saving the brand. ARC enjoys such a revered and special lineage that it's not a stretch to imagine that its customers would, if need be, help financially to ensure its future. Just my opinion as an ARC loyalist, current owner and a former dealer from 40 years ago.  

Conrad-Johnson quality has declined?  That's an absurd statement made by someone who has no knowledge of C-J and probably has never owned their equipment.  Their quality has never been better.  I own their latest ART amplifier and have owned their best amplifiers and preamplifiers for 30 years.  The quality of their latest offerings is exceptional.  My friend owns the best of Macintosh with the same experience.  Don't listen to those losers who can't afford better products so feel a need to cause trouble.

Just had ARC repair my new 150SE under warranty... and... the service was excellent and very responsive! 

Although, it was a very minor repair (which I likely could have completed myself) - tightening a speaker terminal on the back - they completed it within a couple of days of receiving it, and returned it.

With the quality of the ARC products and their responsive service - I would think their products should be in great demand.  You would be very fortunate if you find one for a good price.  

Coppy777, I agree. CJ makes high end equipment that is truly exceptional. The MV60se I own is no exception. This was the first post I’ve ever read regarding declining quality.