Audio Research Hybrid 30 Wiring/Hookup Questions

Hi All,

I recently purchased an AR Hybrid 30. This is the second tube amp that I have owned. It will be powering either Thiel CS6s or Clements RT-7s.

AR manual talks about signal inverting. I know some amps flip the polarity of the signal, but the AR manual speaks of using specific wiring for inverting the signal and/or being careful to manage grounding.

Very simply can someone give me a tutorial on how to best wire my speakers to this amp?

Thanks much!


You should be OK, loudspeakers that have special loudspeaker requirements usually note that in the instruction manual. Speakers that are phase sensitive are mostly large and complex systems. Like the servos on the Infinity RS1B crossover box. Hook that up wrong and poof, instantly toasted. 

I assume you have a ARC Classic 30 and no, it does not invert phase.  I have had a number of tube amps, none of which invert phase.  I just got the Classic 30 recent as I went to more efficient speakers.  Wire up as per normal, inputs and out.

…yes classic 30.

are these 60watts going to be enough for the Thiels?

thanks for the info all!