Audio Research I/50 integrated?

I’m looking for a simple, but classic integrated tube amp for sensitive speakers. I have seen this amp, watched the Darko videos, etc. but I’m having a hard time finding reviews or opinions online. It’s a lot of money to spend even though the brand is credible and renowned. 

Obviously there are other contenders, PL, Ayon, Cary, Lab12, Icon, and Chinese brands like Line Magnetic, Willsenton etc. I keep going back to the AR, and maybe it’s because I’m in Minnesota. 

Anyone own this amp? Have opinions, positives or criticisms?


Thank you @sandstone that's part of what prompted me to bump this.  I did see one at my dealer later that day and it's a pretty physically large unit so a bit restrictive for the WAF needed.....but the i/50 could work.  OTOH I had a blast with my current setup friday night so i'm back to liking my gear, LOL.  

@mtbiker29 - I wasn't down on the I50  but I liked the Stingray looks far better.... personal preference. I have had the Manley now since July 4th... love it, very happy with my decision.... 

It’s a great looking and presumably great sounding amp, but the i50’s need to be re-biased (professionally) every time a tube set is replaced seems at odds with its intentions as the entry point into the AR tube family.



@yakbob ....Correct.... The Manley is easily biased by the owner... I have done mine several times... The amp comes with a meter and easy instructions to do this. Having to send the amp back to be biased would be a deal breaker