Audio Research in Receivership.

Papers were filed on Friday. Some say AR’s doors are closed for business. 


Going all- in with KT150’s was a mistake? 

Yes. Have you tried to source reliable KT150's over the last three years? Evidently not. 

@fsonicsmith1  while I agree that buying reliable KT 150’s can be a chore, there are some vendors who do sell them and they seem fine. I have had luck with Upscale audio, among others. Buying on eBay is not advised.

Jim McShane wrote me before the Russia-Ukraine war started that he could not and would not sell KT150's because he had to buy hundred to find five or ten decent tubes. If you look at his website now, he cites to advancing age and refusing to support Russia for his decision to stop selling tubes (which does not make total sense since the New Sensor factory is American owned). But all that said, yes, you can find good ones from Upscale. Everything after Kevin Deal is tough. TC Tubes used to be a reliable source of tubes for me and they no longer sell KT150's.