Audio Research LS/Ref or Primaluna EVO Preamp

Currently I own a LS26 and thinking up upgrading. My amp is a Ref 110 so usually makes sense to stay with the same company. However, after speaking with a few dealers they are saying the Primaluna EVO 400 is kicking the pants off even Ref series of ARC.  I am not talking the higher end of the Ref series.  My shortlist I have been considering is a LS27, LS28 or Ref 3. One thing I like about ARC is they hold their resale value very well. A new EVO 400 xlr is $4699 but one dealer (won't mention) offered for $3900.  I also like the gain function of the LS26 for my phono stage but it isn't a huge issue I don't guess. My phono preamp is a Manley Chinook SE MkII and I am using it on 65db gain for my Dynavector 20x2L.  Has anyone owned or know much about the PL EVO 400 or is it wiser to stay in the ARC family? Thank you in advance  :)
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If you like the ARC sound, I'd go up the ladder with ARC.  I've only heard one of the previous Primaluna integrateds at a dealer.  It had an intoxicating syrupy sound at first, but after a while, I didn't like how much the sound was colored.  I prefer the neutrality of the ARC house sound.  One of the nice things about the Primaluna is you can roll all kinds of tubes in it.  I believe the one I heard was using EL34s.  I don't know if the newer EVO units have the same house sound.  

I also own a LS26 as well as a Modwright LS100.  The LS100 is in my main system and shares many of the traits of the LS26, but with maybe just a hint more of a "tubey" sound.
Jjss49 you bring up some valid points especially dealing with the public can be frustrating and exhausting.  I would hate to be in his shoes most of the time having to answer dumbass questions and attitudes.  However,  I'll disagree with your discount statement simply because Upscale usually does offer some sort of price break or so they have in the past on bigger items. Its just good business and people will buy again because they were treated well. Why do you think I called them about both preamps? Satisfied returning customer.  It is what it is and I probably shouldn't have vented on a discussion board 🤷  Upscale does very well and you can't please everyone ALL the time haha. 
Thanks Greg for your post. I'm thinking the EVO probably has their house sound as they voice their equipment to the warm side. 90% of listeners prefer it that way but like you said changing tubes can change the flavor somewhat.   

I used to own a Dialogue Premium integrated purchased from Kevin. Rolled many tubes in it and definitely liked its overall presentation but ended up going back to separates. BAT and now ARC. The Ref 110 is the best amp I've ever owned.  Needed it to drive my Thiel 2.7.  
If I was Beavis or Butthead, Kevin would be God. Lol

I do get a kick out of some of his video speaker reviews though.
This is a very interesting thread.  I have the LS26 and have been thinking of upgrading.  I was considering the Cary SLP 98 or 05.  And also the PrimaLuna EVO 300.

Is that going to be a substantial upgrade from the ARC LS26?  I want more of the tube magic but still retain details.