Audio Research new DSpre

Anyone have a chance to hear this unit. I havent seen any reviews yet but it looks like a great product with a rich feature set and of course AR pedigree ..thanks
I heard it in Tampa connected to the big Wilson Watts through (i think) boulder amps. Sound as in a word -stunning! Quite possibly, some of the finest reproduction I've ever heard. Source was some very high rez digital files of music I was unfamiliar with but even at low volumes, you could hear right into the center of the recording and deeeep into the back of the soundstage. You don't often get to hear sound done this well. Might have helped that Peter McGrath from Wilson had just tweeked the setup in the room a few days earlier.
I would be curious to hear this preamp/DAC. I once owned the ARC LS-10 solid state preamp and it was outstanding. That preamp was made 16 years ago. I'm sure this new solid state model is also a great one.