Audio Research or Macintosh?

Could I have comments/opinions on the two tube/hybrid amps on my short list, namely the Audio Research VSi75 and the Mcintosh 252.

Thanks to everyone for their opinion and feedback, very helpful. An opportunity kind of made my mind up for me as a fellow on Canuck Audio was selling a VSi75 with a set of KT120' and KT150's with only a 100 hours on both. His unit came with the 120's but he contacted AR and they said there was no issue using 150's so he bought a very expensive set from them; I think I will go to the Tube Store or Upsacle when I need new ones. The only issue now is to get a Cardas XLR to RCA adapter as I am currently running a balanced interconnect from my Audio Analogue Settanta to me Ayre P-5xe; no balanced inputs on the 75.
Sorry, that is obviously the other way around, from Ayre phono preamp to Settanta.
Great choice, I’m sure you will totally enjoy!

I have audio research equipment and used upscale audio For my last set of replacement tubes. Very satisfied. 
Also have not had any problems with my audio research gear.
It's nice to hear that you have experienced reliability biketony, lots of naysayers out there criticising the longevity of AR products.
Also had good experience with Upscale Audio for replacement tubes in my AR preamp.  Using AR components throughout my system.