Audio Research Ref 110 break in period

Fellow owners with first hand knowledge, please let me know what your experience was with the break in period. I understand ARC says it can last 600 hours, but I think that more applies to the brand new stuff with Teflon caps (Anniversary Preamp and Ref 5) though I could be wrong... What stages did you hear and at what points? I am very pleased with mine so far and it only has 60 hours under its belt so far. Curious as to what else I can expect from it.
Indeed! The REF110 is on my upgrade path when I scratch up the cash and sell my VT100 mkii. Enjoy!
Anyone with first hand experience out there?
Would love to hear what stages or changes I can expect from this amplifier once through the intial break as opposed to right out of the box.
I found the break-in period to be fairly uneventful, meaning no wild fluctuations. At the outset the amp was congested, and frequency extremes were a bit limited. The high end extension came in at 300 hours, and the bass began to settle at 400 hours. Beyond 400 hours you will start to get a refinement of sound with the midrange filling in rather nicely. Keep an eye on bias adjustment at 600 hours.

To be honest, I was a little worried in the early listening stage, put patience was rewarded, it is a great amp, especially with the kt 120's.s
I've never heard of an ARC amp that does not have the teflons take 600hrs. to break in. I would say a maximum of 1-200 hrs. should be sufficient. That being said, if it does change after that period would love to hear about your confirming what Ff116 found. I'm wondering if it's the KT-120's that's taking the increased break in period?
the sound will go down below the line at 100h+ but it'll get better at 200h+ i don't mean that it will go that bad but a bit unstable.
at least that's what happened with my REF150