Audio Research Ref. 3, Ref. 5, or the Ref. 5se.

I am looking to add a Audio Research preamp. Looking at the Ref. 3,5,5se. The 5se is a bit high in price.

I have a Wadia S7i CDP up front with Pass Labs XA100.8 amps. I am using Vandersteen Quarto Wood CT speakers. Witch Audio Research would make the best sense to go with.

Thanks for the help Russ.

Just wanted to say I am very happy with the Ref.3. It is amazing what it did for the sound of my system.

 I keep thinking, yes, ARC make great Amps, but the Pre's  seem expensive compared with other brands. I own the ARC Ref 75SE Power amp and although it is expensive, it seems great value for what it does. The Reference 5SE or 5 are well north of $10000 and the 6 is I believe, about $16000.

 I was planning on the Ref 3, as an ARC Pre I could afford second hand, but I compared it with a Modwright 36.5 and I preferred the Modwright by a small margin, but a big cost saving. That is as an Ex dem Modwright against a second hand Ref 3. 

ARC REF 6 priced at $14,000, a $1000 increase over the 5SE. With the early reports coming in so positively an upcharge of 1k seems reasonable, at least in that context.