Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps


Just wondering if ARC Ref 5 preamp will mate well with Krell FPB 450 MCX monoblocks. My speakers are Revel Salon 2.
Tyler, I posted this thread in another OP, but thought I would repeat it here.

"I am unsure about getting my Ref 5 upgraded. I'm concerned the SE may be way out of balance with the rest of my system. Alternatively, if I was to drop the bucks of an SE upgrdae (whatever it is) into my system, I might do better waiting to change out my PH-7.

"Just not sure?? Also not sure how long ARC will do the SE upgrade. Maybe for the indefinte future??? Maybe not??

"I'm standing pat on my amp. It's too close to the Ref 110 to change it out. If I change out the amp, IMO, it only makes sense to wait for Ref 150s to hit the pre-owned market.

"At this point, IMO, digital "redbook" CD (actual discs) is generally just fair, so I'm not motivated to change out my CD-7 CDP. Think I'd rather get a DAC 8 instead.

Any thoughts??"


BTW, my system description is listed on A'gon.

Are you still enjoying the Krell 403e? I picked one up a couple of weeks ago as well. It's a very good sounding amp but it sure puts out lots of heat. It's has smoother and fuller sound than my old FPB 450MCX.

Did you consider replacing the 403e?