Audio Research Ref 6 SE

Hi , was told today that Audio Research Ref 6 SE is about to get released with first shipment scheduled by the end of December/ early January, if anyone has more information about specs please share , I emailed AR support waiting for response with details but they confirmed about Ref 6 SE release . I was about to purchase one so would be interested to see what got upgraded or how much will current Ref 6 will drop in price ..,
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What is still one of the most annoying and IMHO unethical things is the fact that so so many folks seem to think that it is ok to tell people some of the facts, but not all of the facts....IOW, it's what they don't tell you that hurts. NOT OK in my books! 

I have a good friend who also bought a very expensive piece of audio gear...only to find out that two weeks later a revised version came out with upgraded parts etc., which immediately resulted in a lowering of the value of his piece ( and a considerable loss if he had to sell it now).
He tells me that he would have been more than happy to wait the few weeks to buy the newer version...IF the dealer/manufacturer had made him aware of this fact. How many folks here think my friend is a happy camper and praising the dealer and manufacturer after this episode???
And yes, the piece he bought sounds exactly the same as when he bought what!!
I think the ONLY way these companies and their dealers learn is for everyone to vote with their wallet. Maybe when their income stream dries up, they will learn their lesson.
Not being an apologist but how far in advance do you expect them to preannounce?

It sounds like product not released yet, but announcement has been made already.
So it’s a question of how far in advance, where company knows following announcement difficult to sell current model. 
Whatever the magic day is, there will always be people who bought the day earlier, right?  So move announcement up a week to placate those people. But wait, then there’s still more who bought the day before that ..... 

someone will always get screwed