Audio Research Ref 6 SE

Hi , was told today that Audio Research Ref 6 SE is about to get released with first shipment scheduled by the end of December/ early January, if anyone has more information about specs please share , I emailed AR support waiting for response with details but they confirmed about Ref 6 SE release . I was about to purchase one so would be interested to see what got upgraded or how much will current Ref 6 will drop in price ..,
Just bought (used) a ref 6 eight days ago. Also bought a (used) pair of ref 160M’s. I was using a GSi75 intergraded before. I am super happy with my purchase. And super happy with sound quality. It’s my dream system. Not upset at all with not knowing about the upgrade to the REF6SE. In fact pretty happy that there is a upgrade path. It really is amazing to me that this amp and preamp can get better sound for less than retail of my speaker wires.
What’s the retail cost difference between a Ref6 and Ref6Se?  Maybe ARC will update your to a SE for the difference?  
Had I purchased a used Reference 6 this wouldn't be an issue. Yesterday I sent the dealer, Stereo Exchange (Dave Wasserman), an email asking whether I'd be given any consideration for an upgrade. I'll keep you posted, but I'm certainly not banking on it happening. Even so, on the used market an upgraded unit doesn't have the value of an original. That's the first question every potential buyer asks. Anyone care to make a guess about the outcome?
9rw, not sure if you mean upgrade via the upgrade kit biketony mentions above or to trade in your 6 for a 6SE?