Audio Research Ref 6 SE

Hi , was told today that Audio Research Ref 6 SE is about to get released with first shipment scheduled by the end of December/ early January, if anyone has more information about specs please share , I emailed AR support waiting for response with details but they confirmed about Ref 6 SE release . I was about to purchase one so would be interested to see what got upgraded or how much will current Ref 6 will drop in price ..,
I've been a fan of the ARC sound since 1992; however, I've also owned high-end equipment from Pass, Levinson, Rowland, Wadia, Classe, etc. I think the new ARC stuff is the best-sounding yet, but customer service and appreciation is at an all-time low, so that's what is so sad. All the great people of the past are gone and indifference is a generous way to put treatment of customers (at least me) now. I've asked Wasserman of Stereo Exchange about working out some kind of consideration but I continue to be ignored.
Good to hear about sound quality.  Not so good about customer service if true generally.

bummer, I would also be disappointed IF I had spoken about this with Dave at ARC within 2-3 months of release....The dealer could also have been in dark, but with a long term loyal arc cuctomer at risk, step UP to plate and help.

Eric I have a REF5se and the big VTL is quite good, takes the two chassis model to achieve parity IMO....but yes, my next auditions will certainly include VTL...
BTW for the out of warranty club, a real old stock USa made Tung Sol in the REF5se power supply is freaking awesome....

Andy at Vintage Tube can help...
Thank you, tomic601. Wasserman at Stereo Exchange got back to me and is going to ask ARC about working something out. He made no promises, but we'll see.