Audio Research REF 75SE and REF 80S

Does anyone know if the new REF 80S is an upgrade over the REF 75SE, or more of a side grade? Did AR do away with the SE suffix? Thanks.
My personal opinion without knowledge is that it’s a lateral move plus the classic style of the ref 75 rings my bell. In all the years that ARC has been around i can’t fathom that they are still making breakthroughs. i would think that marketing is leading the way and there’s nothing wrong with that. 
update to ref75se

autobias incorporated and a fan (one of the best things about ref75 was NO FAN!!!)

se designation was given to earlier reference amps to designate their ability to run newest most powerful kt150 tubes... now it is the standard tube, so no more ’se’ needed

seems like an update, not so much an upgrade, certainly not a new model/breakthrough... but who knows if and by how much the sound may have improved... my guess is not by much