Audio Research Reference 5 Preamp

So I see on the Audio Research Data Base website they listed the new ARC REF 5 preamp for $12000. Does anybody have any details about it?
It's interesting to note that the implementation/architecture of the REF5 resulted in what has to be a much cheaper raw cost of labor and parts--versus the REF 1,2,3 designs. At one point I had a REF 1 and was very impressed with the layout and realized a significant cost of the ref linestages is attributed to the mechanical design. In looking at the REF 5:

Regarding the REF5 I don't see any obvious details that ARC has built mechanical dampening into the mounting of the main PCB. The older reference linestages utilized three smaller main boards in a vertical orientation, and each mounted on their own frame. Now why would one want to do that? Why mount the PCB's vertical rather than horizontal? Noise and vibration come to mind. Just how different the electrical design is vs the REF3 is something only the holders of the latest schematics can tell, but it's just interesting to see they have raised the price 2K, and reduced build cost, i'm guessing at least by 25% (profit margin anyone?).

I used to have a BAT VK5i, and I was absolutely floored by the mechanical design of that...I've had several ARC linestages, and all of them have very underdamped (read: very basic corners-of-the-board type of mounting) PCB's. On every ARC linestage if I tapped the main board I could hear buzzing and noise vibrations all over the place. The BAT PCB was mounted to a thick plate and resulted in a highly mechanically damped PCB--resonances were moved much higher in frequency. All of the ARC linestages sounded excellent in their respective ways, as did the BAT VK5i. In the realm of overkill audio, perhaps spending significant portions of the design budget to squeaking out the nth degree of vibration control does not pay off. Perhaps they figured this out at ARC. The REF 5 does look awesome, regardless. I love the simplicity of the layout.

Just a silly observation, nothing more. I'm not picking on ARC (I happen to love ARC sound) or stating BAT is superior.

Have a great week.
Dpac996 I have to agree with you on this one, it seems a little strange. I'm a happy REF3 owner and I have been looking foward to the new REF5 but after finally seeing it I have to say I'm kinda left scratching my head feeling the same way especially after getting to finally see the actual exterior which looks just like my Ref3 except for the handle color change and then looking at the interior humm!!!!!!

As per my post earlier I saw at the dealers a REF3 "Limited Edition" and the exterior looks identical to the REF5 appearance wise, don't know what it looks like inside but now I'm wondering.

No one did reply regarding my question about the REF3 "Limited Edition" any one care to shed some light.
To my understanding there were only about 24 made from Ref 3 parts on the shelf. I believe they did some cap upgrades and a few minor tweeks. They were all gone in less than a week.
Samuel, Audiofool has nothing else to do but to critique ours opinions as ethical violations, while ignoring that he never has anything good to say about products he doesn't or cannot sell.
It seems strange to me there still is not a lot of reviews, information, feedback/impressions, comparisons, and professional reviews of this preamp. I mean as far as audio manufactures go, ARC has a pretty big following. Maybe it is just to new, it has only been on the market for about 7-8 months or the price is to high there are not many owners thus less likely hood of people submitting comparisons, reviews, ect... Thoughts?