Audio Research Reference 6 or Mark Levinson Reference n32

Hi all, 
I own a ML Ref n32 preamp with the phonostage. I am very tempted to buy the audio research reference 6, replacing ML 32, but I'm afraid to regret the splendid performance of the ML 32.

Did any of you have a chance to compare? What advice do you feel to give me?
I listen only vinyl and if I'll buy the ARC Ref6 I'll need a pre phono..

I had a 326s and compared it to the Ref6 and would have probably gone for the Ref6 until I heard the No52 Ref. That ended the debate and now have the 52 driving a new pair of 536s. Magic!

keep the ml or you’ll have regrets. i have a ml 523 and it’s pretty incredible. 
Educated?  Ha ha haaaaaa.   What a presumptive, cavalier and feckless term to describe the sound of audio gear. It is totally pointless and fustian.
try all Aesthetix or all ARC

but i do have both

the ML is top flight gear, this is probably about preference..

enjoy the music !!!!
You need to hear the Ref 6 with the Ref Phono 3 phono amp. If only I had the money. I have heard this combo on big Maggies and all I can tell you is that you would be hard pressed to do significantly better in this life. The ARC line stages are significantly less tubish than other tube units. It is there but in a more refined fashion. It will be 10 years before you will hear any degradation due to tube wear. The best thing you can due with tubes is forget all about them. Tube rolling is for masochists.